Chris Picone

Fast and little known facts about Chris:

Reads: as though every new page will uncover a golden gem that could change the world of someone around her forever

Believes: that anything is possible with a big enough WHY and when surrounded by people to love and be loved by

Loves: laughing with good friends and Think Tank colleagues, learning all the world has to offer us, an Aperativo in a Northern Italian piazza on a summer afternoon and puppies with floppy ears bigger than their heads

Lives: as though there’ll never be enough time to assist all the people, eat all the soft cheese and French bread, and walk all the medieval European cities she can in a summer

Knows: that now is the moment to be the person who is gracious and generous towards others

Chris started her coaching and training business in the 2009 GFC and has lead growth spurred business networking groups with military precision and still lives to tell the tale. She has built and nurtured sales teams in large and small businesses and over nine years coached technical gun business operators to move from Manager to Leader-painlessly and with inspiring impact on their business growth.

Reach out to Chris for clear, simple strategies about your business growth and people.