Travis Jones

Travis Jones

They say true success is born. Vibrant, energetic and infectious as a youngster Travis Jones, or TJ as his friends call him, was inevitably going to achieve big things.

His passion for fitness was obvious from a young age, participating in elite level rugby league as a teenager right through to his early 20s, before dramatic health issues called an end to his professional career. Luckily for us, this only served to channel Travis’ passion for fitness in a life changing direction.

This new journey started as a PT at Fitness First in his home town, Perth, here he cultivated his passion for fitness even more, getting a chance to see the change he could make in people’s lives, leading to a crucial moment for solidifying what his goals were and what he wished to accomplish as a professional fitness trainer.

It came as no surprise that he would soon be managing gyms in the Fitness First franchise, in charge of over 70 personal trainers and overseeing 46 boot camps across Australia, eventually managing Fitness First gyms in Melbourne and Sydney as a PTM.

However, for unwavering TJ this wasn’t challenging enough, he yearned for something bigger, an innate drive to become a leader and make a difference. A passion for travelling and a constant wanderlust, lead to Travis heading to Toronto, Canada in 2008 and trained elite coaches while working at internationally recognised Goodlife gym.

During this time, TJ gained a momentous amount of experience in the realm of fitness, the international stage presenting more advanced ideas and courses, allowing Travis to expand his already extensive knowledge on methods and techniques for fat reduction, health management and dieting. This cemented his place and skill set as an elite level coach and developed his talent for achieving the best of body transformations and fitness coaching.

Returning to Australia in 2011 TJ utilised every aspect of the experience he gained from working tirelessly overseas, feeling confident and determined he was ready to make something for himself and grasp life by the forearms and launch his own specialist body transformation gym, Result Based Training.

Beginning from an empty warehouse TJ’s strenuous work grew RBT into a nationally recognised gym, launching six gyms across three states within just 24 months. To date, in just 5 short years, RBT has expanded to 10 locations nationally and abroad, and more locations set to open in the coming months. It has certainly been an exciting journey filled with suspense, drama and of course action. The result is a gym that is about more than just health and fitness, RBT is a family, a family that changes your life.

Working collaboratively with charity organisations TJ has grown Result Based Training into more than just a gym, but an organisation with visionary goals to make a difference. Including Health and Wellness retreats and charitable events like the RBT Gala Ball.

His motto “dream as if you’d live forever and live as if you’d die today,” is core to his natural determination and ability to challenge people to exceed what they believe they can achieve.

TJ ensures you’re more than just a number at RBT but part of a family, building a connection that supports and celebrates your ongoing transformation and helping you achieve your goals not just within a 12-week time frame but over the entirety of your life.

Liv Jones



From a traditional beginning, all the right boxes were ticket, great grades, law school, commerce major, dabbling in marketing and management, but with an entrepreneur for a father the traditional never quite stuck.

Completing a full time university load while working full time, as an International Sales Manager, satisfying her creative side with a dash of design and engineering. She has always enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what a normal person can achieve in a day.

Gut instinct and a streak of her trademark determination meant her return from a life in London marked the beginning of something spectacular. With the growth of RBT from 1 gym in 2013 to 10 by 2016, the establishment of the online business coaching Small Business Performance Coach, and their passion project ‘If Not Now Then When, a foundation established to change the lives of children all over the world, it has been a whirlwind of fun, romance, excitement, travel, tears, late nights, and early mornings, that was all before their baby was born in October of 2014.

But that’s the business side, her passion is for cooking. Baking is, and always has been, her love language. Over catering is her trademark.

Marrying into a gym empire, she has always relished the challenge of making healthy food taste great. No matter the diet of choice, the fitness goal, the intolerance or allergy, or the macro requirement, the result is always a creative take on the traditional that ensures eating to your goals is a fun and positive experience. Somehow she has managed to combine, creativity and the kitchen, with the restrictions presented by the world of fitness.

Liv focuses on a sustainable and fuss free style of cooking, while she certainly doesn’t shy away from a challenge, or even some fantastic, old school delectable desserts and dinners, her real sense of satisfaction comes from the look of relief and excitement when people realise, they can cook their own meals easily, without fuss, and without endless containers of pre cooked chicken, broccoli and protein shakes. The trademark of fitness diets.

With the arrival of her son in later 2014, the passion for cooking grew as she saw it as a way to not only express her affection, but it also ignited a whole new appreciation for nutrition for children and as such she decided to undertake on a degree in Nutritional Science (Nutrition).

With lots of exciting growth planned for the next 12 months, including food outlets and a meal prep company, in additiona to their already extensive business spread, there is very few hours left in the day, but somehow, there always seems to be a protein packed snack on the bench in the Jones household.

Hayley Gen

001-Hayley-Genovesi-03Dec14Hayley Gen is a communications all-rounder. Having studied Marketing and Public Relations in Melbourne & New York it was only natural that Hayley’s career started in Fashion PR in London.

Wanting some normality back in her life Hayley moved back to her hometown of Melbourne where she worked in Marketing and Events for the Channel 9 network.
It was here she found a new interest for advertising and moved to one of the biggest global Advertising Agencies for over three and a half years. In this time she worked in both the Melbourne and Sydney markets managing multiple local and global accounts such as; Microsoft, Tiffany & Co, Dan Murphy’s, Brown Brothers Wines and Red Rooster. Managing these accounts she was responsible for all offline and online advertising, which is where her love for social media marketing began.

Looking for a new challenge in social media space Hayley went back into Television working for the Fox Sports network in a Marketing capacity where she was responsible for the marketing and social media for predominantly Fox Footy. Wanting to broaden her knowledge in the social media industry she went to the global direct marketing giant that is Tupperware as a Social Media Specialist to rap her head around direct marketing in the social space.

If having 1 job isn’t enough, Hayley volunteers with not-for-profit Y-GAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) an incubator for social change. Whose aim is to inspire social entrepreneurs to end poverty. Hayley is the highly sort after Events Manager, basically she gets to run really awesome parties and events for a good cause.

Hayley is also an instantly likeable character, a quality that is crucial to her work given the volume of networking, media liaising and talent management that forms such a major component of daily activity, in a nutshell she doesn’t even drink coffee and she is always buzzing.

She has joined the SBPC team to help you take over the world.

Malisa Celeste

MalisaMalisa Celeste has always been an early adaptor when it comes to new technology, and although her formal qualifications began with a business degree, she possesses a knack for quickly learning technical systems & programs.

After University, Malisa com
pleted a ten-year tenure at Foxtel as a Workforce Planning & Forecasting Analyst, assisting the business to grow from a small analogue cable company, with less than 300 employees, to the digital media empire it is today. She was a key stakeholder in the project responsible for outsourcing call centre operations overseas & her position also saw her working as an integral part of the team responsible for the customisation and implementation of the new customer management software that delivered subscription television to over a million account holders.

Realising that corporate life was no longer for her, Malisa decided to follow her passion for health & fitness and embarked on a degree in Nutritional Science where she subsequently founded an online protein & superfood supplement company, which is where she learned about opening a small business, the importance of online presence & effective marketing methods that help make sales.

As an established writer, with articles published for various websites and print publications, Malisa understands the need for creating quality viral content to assist in brand positioning & business growth; skills she has used alongside her ever growing technical knowledge to assist in creating lasting online presence.

Malisa has worked in almost every level of our business for over 4 years. She is the go to girl on launching Facebook Ads, creating landing pages, membership sites, and there is not a question about InfusionSoft she doesn’t know the answer to. With her versatile business background and technical aptitude it was a natural progression for Malisa to join the SBPC team & share her extensive knowledge & unlimited creativity with you.

Get ready to change your business