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1.01 Get into the content mindset
2.04 Dont make one person carry the load
3.38 Re-use your best old content
4.17 Create an infographic
5.10 Create a GIF
6.39 Use Snapchat
7.37 Test your content

Hey, guys. It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

Today, we’re going to go through some quick little content tips and tricks that you can add to your content calendars in your marketing plans, so you’re just not another inspirational Monday morning motivational quote.

As we all know, it’s getting harder and harder to create engaging content these days that really creates any sort of cut-through. With Facebook always changing algorithms, trying to get any sort of organic traction is really hard.

As with everything, all good things must come to an end….and by this I mean organic likes and followers, first Facebook and now Instagram.

I’m sure you have noticed that you’re now achieving less likes and new followers on Instagram?

It’s no surprise as Insta has grown by another whopping 100 million users in the last year.

It is said to be ads that are to blame for the drop in organic growth similar when we saw the gradual monetisation of parent company Facebook.

Let’s look at some cold hard Insta-facts:

  • So there is a lazy, 400 million active users recorded in 2015
  • Over 80 million selfies photos posted per day (I am not one of them, I swear, seriously I’m not).
  • Ad’s are reporting a 1.5% click through rate compared to 0.84% of Facebook’s
  • Videos are as low as .2 cents per click – get on them before everyone else people.

Companies and brands are working harder at generating shareable content than ever before, whole teams now exist to do just that. Using advocates and influencers like bloggers and instagrammers, yes this is nothing new.

People love creating (and seeing) exciting content and usually this is moving content…so think more video on snap-chat, GIF’s on Insta (Facebook & Twitter).

A quick blog on some super basic tips for creating Snapchat content and currently my favourite thing’s ever -GIF’s!

Enjoy, oh and add us on Snappy @rbtgyms.

You need to have even the smallest difference to something that someone else is doing. All it takes is that one little thing to make something bigger or go viral. We’re just going to chat about some really simple content tips and tricks that you might not have already thought about.

Get into the content mindset

Before you start creating your content, you really have to get into that content mindset. When you’re looking for inspiration, think about everything – something you’ve seen elsewhere that you could adapt to you or a discussion you had in a marketing meeting last week or a discussion with your boss that could be turned into a potential blog post or a content piece.

Things that you’ve spoken about can easily be made into a blog bit that you can then market. Look at even a presentation you gave at a conference last month or a talk. Can you take out any tips from that that you could potentially use?

Look for these kinds of opportunities all the time, because I know it can be really hard to create content at times because you often overthink it. “Oh, I don’t have anything new to write about.” But a lot of times, it’s right there in front of you, and you can make something out of something that has already existed or anything. That goes into…

Don’t make one person carry the load

It would obviously depend on your business whether you’re in a bigger business or a smaller business. It doesn’t apply all the time, but don’t just rely on yourself or that one person to create content for you. Find creative ways of getting other people around you or throughout your business to contribute to your social media.

At the moment, across the RBT Gyms, we’re doing a Snapchat piece to see how we can grow RBT’s Snapchat channel. Every day we have different clubs and different coaches posting something. It give the responsibility to somebody else as opposed to just one head coach or one person creating the content for the whole of RBT for a month.

You can also look at creating guest blogs. Invite a guest blogger or a friend you know who specializes in nutrition or in healthy eating or something related to your field and get them to write on your site or contribute some guest posts. When you publish guest posts, it’s a really easy way to create more content with minimal effort.

You can do it yourself. You can also go and contribute a guest post to somebody else, and you’re then exposing yourself to a whole new audience, and you can boost your search across Google. That’s another thing in itself, so let’s move on from that.

Re-use your old best content

Repurposing content you’ve already created is far easier than creating brand new content. In saying that, though, I don’t mean repost a post that you had heaps of comments and stuff on six months ago. That’s not what I mean. If you have a 20-page e-book or something, chop it up into 20 different blog posts, o you could take 20 blog posts and create an e-book out of it. You can repurpose stuff all the time and just alternate it a little bit without having to start from scratch every single time.

Create an infographic

Infographics are all the rage at the moment. They have a really far reach. They’re easy to embed on blogs or your website, which creates more potential for that to go viral. At the end of the day, people like looking at images more than reading. If you can put something into an infographic without it being too text-heavy and too much, then always do it because they look awesome and people will re-share them as opposed to text-only content.

It’s really important, though, to remember to include your brand’s name and logo so that when it gets re-shared, your brand is gaining exposure. Once it gets re-shared, it gets lost quite easily, so make sure you have your branding all over it so that people know where it has originated from.

Create a GIF

What is a GIF, you ask? By definition, it is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static image, which means absolutely nothing to anybody except for tech people. Basically, a GIF is one of those awesome moving images that you would have been seeing all over your social media.

They’re all the rage right now. You can have them at weddings and stuff, so it’s not just that one static image. It’s like a three-second clip. You can even get those GIF keyboards on your phone or on your Facebook chat. It’s that sort of concept, but you can make your own.

With the iPhone 6 coming out with live image, you can actually cut up that live image into a GIF and use it, which for me, I’m obsessed with. There is an app called Photto, but Instagram has just brought out their own version, which is Boomerang. We’re going through Boomerang in a second, but I just wanted to quickly explain what a GIF is.

Basically, GIF is awesome right now. Everybody is all about the GIF. The static image is always going to be there, but GIF just adds that little bit more fun. If you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you don’t want to actually watch a full video from someone and you’re just scrolling through images, a GIF will still be moving as you’re scrolling through, so you automatically stop and watch it.

Use Snapchat

Like I said earlier, we are currently doing a bit of a Snapchat case study with RBT, getting all the gyms involved in creating an RBT Snapchat channel. If you haven’t already, add @RBTgyms on Snapchat. Check it out and see what we’re doing. Also, watch this space because we’ll come back with a case study on what has worked and what hasn’t.

In the meantime, I’m going to go through just some little tips and tricks on Snapchat. For those who are avid Snapchat people, this is not going to be anything groundbreaking, so you can probably move on. But to the person who has kind of used Snapchat but kind of not, just some cool things that can make that one snap of something so much more interesting, like emojis, filters, locations, colors, all that sort of stuff that makes images more fun.

Test your content

Make sure you’re testing your content, guys. I know we say this with your Facebook ads. Try to split-test ads to see which one is performing better and, again, that’s with your content. Just don’t rest on assumptions of what you think works.

If you’ve proven it, great. But test those assumptions to make sure that you’re not killing yourself over content that won’t actually get read as much as another type of content. You might think, “This is a really awesome post. Everyone’s going to love it. They’re going to read this blog post,” and no one watches it and you’ve wasted two weeks of editing and putting it together.

The same with a video. You might assume that your followers may enjoy video clips, but videos, like I said, in an Instagram feed are time-consuming and resource intensive. People sometimes just don’t stop to watch a video. They say they’ll go back and watch it, and they don’t. When you’re creating videos, they’re time- and resource-intensive to produce.

Maybe look at something like an infographic, as I said. They require less effort and can gain traction a lot easier. Just constantly switch up what you’re doing. Be creative and just don’t do the same shit over and over.

We’re just going to go through some cool tips and tricks for Snapchat. If you use Snapchat all the time, this is probably going to be really easy for you because they’re just basic – making your image or universe video have that little bit more fun or any sort of branding you can put on it. I was with the RBT guys the other day, just showing them how adding some emojis and stuff to a normal picture makes it so much different.

If you go into your Snapchat, obviously if you have a picture like that, no one really wants that. Please don’t send pictures like that. But if you go to the right, you can add different filters. If you’re flying or driving, you can add some speed. The weather is always a popular one. Given we’re in Melbourne, it can go from 22 to 4 degrees in the same day.

Time, location, these ones are cool. When you’re traveling and stuff, there’s always a different city thing that you can put on there. I don’t even know what to call them. For the purpose of this, let’s just have it as Melbourne.

Then, of course, you can add your text. You can write, “Hey, guys!” You can have it like this, or you can turn into text. If you go up to the top right-hand corner and click on the T, it creates it like this. You can change your colors up there, as well. Let’s do green. You click out, and you can make it small by dragging and dropping that wherever across the screen.

Then if you go next to the text button, here are all the emojis, so all the fun. Obviously, in the gym, the guys are loving the muscle emoji. I don’t even know where it is. Oh, there it is. You can make these bigger and smaller and move them around, as well. You can just add all different sort of features to your Snapchat just to make it that little bit more interesting and fun, as always.

Snapchat is fun. If you’re using Snapchat for your marketing, make sure it is fun. Professional always, but it’s a different sort of platform to Instagram and Facebook. It’s a younger demo, so if you just send a boring Snapchat with no emojis and no color and no anything, nobody is going to want to see it.

Also, with the colors, guys, there are secret colors, which I don’t really get the point to because most of the colors are there anyway. But if you scroll down through and then you go down and around, can you see how in the right hand corner the pen is changing colors and giving you different colors that you can choose? It’s like, “Oh, yay! I got fuchsia! Lucky me.” Like I said, not that relevant, but just so you know.

Then, obviously, you send your Snapchat to whoever. Always add it to your My Story. I’m definitely not posting that because that would be ridiculous.

Another cool feature you can do on Snapchat, which you see heaps of celebrities doing, is adding music. Whatever you’re using – I’ve got Spotify, but whether you’re using iTunes or whatever – you play the music in the background. You can’t actually hear this because I’m recording it through my phone. If you go in there and then go in record, you’ll have the music playing in the background, and you can then stop it, go out, turn off. Given I’m plugged into my laptop, I can’t do that right now, but you can do it anyway.

They are just some cool little tricks to add to your everyday Snapchat.

Now let’s just move on to Boomerang. I mentioned this. Before a GIF, there was Photto, this app up here. There is one I premade from swim racing last week, so you know what I’m talking about now, which is good but Boomerang is Instagram, so obviously it’s going to be clearer and just work way better with the Instagram platform.

If I go into Boomerang, you have your camera. You can take it of someone, or I’ll just take a selfie right now. You have the record buttons here down at the bottom. You literally hold it down. Just make sure your movements are really quick so it makes a GIF look cooler. If I just hold this down, that is not the most attractive, but you can see it’s fun. You can upload straight to Instagram or Facebook. Or if you go “More” here, you can copy and paste it to something, you can turn it into a message, e-mail it, whatever you need to do.

If you go to Instagram, I’ll just show you how this works. You can see now, you’ve created it. You’ve got the GIF there ready to go as opposed to a normal photo. That is like the worst GIF ever. It’s so funny.

It’s so easy to use. I think Boomerang is a lot easier to use than Photto. Photto can be a bit confusing to a first-timer, so go download Boomerang. It only came out a week ago, mid-November. Check it out. It’s really easy to use. Go create hilarious GIFs at the gym with your friends and stuff, and get that uploaded instead of that static image. It will stand out in a news feed, and you will have fun doing it, trust me.

Like I said, guys, nothing too groundbreaking there. Just some really basic tips and tricks to add to your weekly/monthly content calendars just to give it a little bit more flair and color and excitement. Really easy to implement. You can do these things right away, right now. Go download Snapchat if you don’t have it. Get on Boomerang. Make some GIFs. Have fun with it, and just create some cool content. Stop doing the same stuff.

All right, guys. I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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