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Hey, guys. It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

Today’s blog is on storytelling on social media.

As we know, storytelling allows for a brand to develop an authentic and real voice that allows for a community to relate to the brand. The point of storytelling is not just to share your content but to actually tell it.

All social media channels are not created equal and are more than a place to distribute content. Rather, social media platforms are conversation channels that generate a certain experience, or feelings, values, and different successes and truths.

Being personal

First of all, you have to be personal. People love listening to an experience they can relate to. A shared experience will connect a brand and a consumer. This can really be done through a platform like Instagram. By giving that behind-the-scenes peek into your brand or a culture of a brand, you really begin to show a human side to your brand.

Right now, over 85% of top brands are across Instagram. An important thing to remember with Instagram is that your Instagram bio is your prime real estate to promote your brand, and it’s the only place your community can click through to learn more, shop, or read a blog post. Crafting a good Instagram bio or profile is that relevant, and it has to be engaging and specific to your brand. It’s key to capturing your audience and getting your community to engage with your website and business.

A lot of the times, you can’t include links where you want to, like you can on Facebook and that. We’ve actually got another blog post on that. Go check it out: the top five things that you should have on your Instagram bio.

One brand that is really good at being personal and has their Instagram set out really well is Lululemon. If you look at Lululemon, they’re great at storytelling. They’ve used their social platforms as a way to highlight what the brand is all about. The reason why people love Lululemon is because they’re buying more than just athletic clothes; they’re buying an attitude, that happy, healthy attitude that the brand exudes across all their social media storytelling.

They have their flat lays and stuff here, which any brand can do, but then they have all these wellness posts and fitness stuff. It’s a community, and they make everybody feel part of it. They’re so good at the storytelling.

Their page is consistent. It goes from a flat lay to a motivational to a community post from something to a fitness post, yoga, and then back to the flat lays. Then it starts all over again. As you can see up here in their bio, it’s a really good Instagram bio. It’s to the point. It’s “Creating components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives. We want to see how you live #thesweatlife.” They get people in there tagging #thesweatlife, and then obviously their Snapchat, because they’re doing stuff behind. Then a link to what they want people to click on through to, which will be whatever they’re doing at the time.

That’s the global Lululemon page. If we’re to look at the Australian one, again, the same sort of storytelling is happening: community events that they’re involved in, beach, happiness. Obviously, it’s summer in Australia. They’re so good at storytelling.

Then again, here in their bio, “Lululemon Athletics Australia, New Zealand. Creating components for people to live long… Blah blah blah.” The same motto that they’re doing across… “We want to see you live #thesweatlife.” Then they have got again a link to what they’re highlighting for the Australian page. It’s all consistent with their branding. They’re all doing the same thing, but they localize it to their location and tell the story for that particular location.

Also on being personal, remember to share your brand message and the things you stand for also on your Twitter. Then, to really enhance the brand narrative, think of Facebook more like a mini-blog to post extra content that you can’t fit on your Instagram and your Twitter profile. That’s where you can include more links, you can tell more of a story, you can write more with text because you literally have more characters to do it.

Be open

Remember to be open. You want to create a lasting relationship with your customer base. This means being constant with the quality of service and open to suggestions and comments from customers. This is creating a dialogue for you to build brand relationships and also fix issues if you need to. Not everyone’s going to be perfect always, so you need to be able to deal with negative criticism and deal with it well.

You also want to engage your audience. Think about it: it feels good when you have a brand or a celebrity or someone like a tweet you post about them. Everyone gets a little bit excited about it, so do the same for your followers and let them know that you’re listening.

Recently, one of the big brands that have been doing this really well is Woolworths. They’ve had a couple of negative feedbacks, as all big supermarket chains are going to have. This guy here got these really rotten avocados and did this big rant up on their Facebook page.

They went back to him with quite a bit of humor, which you wouldn’t really expect from a major supermarket. That ended up going viral with the way that they dealt with it because they did it in a fun way. They laughed about it, they went with the vibe that was coming from the customer complaining, and he ended up being happy. Then from this, all these different memes and everything came about from it.

They also did one with a guy who did an Eminem rap about spaghetti bolognese, and they continued the rap and kept rapping back to him, and that also went viral. They’re a huge, huge company and they’re still showing a personable side. They’re also admitting when they’re wrong, and they’re getting a lot of social media credit for it because people actually are like, “Oh, this isn’t just a big, massive corporate chain. They actually have some personality.”

No post stands alone

This is one that people probably don’t think about. You don’t want your posts to feel alone. They don’t want to be just out there. You can use consecutive updates to tell a story. Dedicate each day to a specific theme. Monday can be motivational quotes, Tuesday, traveling tips, or whatever it is you might be doing.

This example here of Nature Valley is a good one. It’s from Twitter, so it’s a bit harder to tell a story with Twitter, but their post mentions their new crunchy bar is now easier to bite into. The next post is a retweet that they’ve obviously retweeted from a consumer who found that if they microwaved their bars, that it makes them less crumbly.

When you have the two tweets in the Nature Valley profile under each other, they work quite nicely together because the posts relate. As opposed to just retweeting something irrelevant to the post before it on the Twitter feed, it all flows and tells somewhat of a little story.

Be consistent

Again, be consistent. People like consistency with a brand. If one Friday, a brand posts a meme and it does really well on social platforms, then continue to generate memes every Friday from that social platform. Your audience will get to know the platform and will surely tune in for those special little consistencies.

Storytelling is what connects us to our humanity, and it’s a brand’s way to pass on its values to society at large. Using social media as a storytelling platform will provide shape to the brand, entertain and educate your audience, and it gives people a way to connect to your brand like never before.

When you’re making your content, what story you’re actually trying to tell is what you need to be asking yourself because storytelling through social media platforms is not only great marketing but it’s actually crucial. There’s so much competition that you need to know what story it is you want to tell and that that message is consistent across all your platforms.

Guys, any comments or questions, let us know. We’ll see you on the next blog.


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