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1.20 Make some mindful view time

3.33 Have a to-do list (and actually use it)

5.07 Give Thanks

6.29 Forever be learning

Hey, guys. It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

A super quick blog for you today: just some tips to start your day. You’d be surprised, on a weekly basis, almost every second day, one of the common questions we get asked is “What should I be focusing my day on? I don’t know where my time goes. Where should I be focusing my energy? I don’t know where I’m most productive?”

At the end of the day, it all depends on the individual, of course, and that business. But basically, your day should be about what you’re going to do – or what you’re not going to do – in that first few hours of the day. If you don’t have that sorted as soon as you wake up, after you’ve had your coffee or whatever you need to do after you trained some clients, whatever that may be, if you don’t have a plan of action set out for your day, then you’re not going to achieve what you need to do.

A simple task is literally the night before or the morning of, writing out those three objectives that you have to get done in your day and then making sure that they happen, and your day will flow a lot more and you will see how much more productive you are.

Four tips for your morning… When I say morning, if you say, “Okay. I get up at 5:00. I train people. My time is not until 10:30 or 11:00,” fine, whatever your morning is classified as, or if your alone time doesn’t start until later in the day, then you should be planning your day the night before.

Some tips that I really want you to guys to take into the New Year when you’re starting fresh and wanting to be more productive, let’s get some stuff happening every morning when you’re up.

  1. Make some mindful “you time”

Number one, make some really mindful “you time.” I know for me, first thing, I jump on Facebook and have 85 notifications or something ridiculous from the time zones from the night over, and then for other people, it will be to go in and check your e-mail while you’re still laying in bed, before you’ve even done anything. Your alarm goes off, your e-mails are there, your Facebook is there, depending on what you’re using Facebook for – for me, if I jump on Facebook, it automatically means I’m doing work straight away.

I think it’s really important that you start your day in a really positive state. You start the day alone with your thoughts, if you can, and it helps to improve that physical and mental health and just keep being more focused on your day.

One good thing to do every morning is to try to mentally connect your day’s goals with your long-term business plan by visualizing your three-year goals and working backwards. Visualize one thing that you can do this year, then this quarter, then this month, then this week, and then today. It’s not as daunting when you break it down like that as opposed to, “Oh, I need to be making $1 million in the next 12 months.” Okay, that’s great, but how are you going to do that today?

By breaking it down slowly, it makes it much easier for you to see the end result and it’s a lot easier for you to measure what you’re doing to achieve that end result.

  1. Have a to-do list – and actually use it

Second, as I just quickly said in the beginning, have a to-do list and actually freaking use it. Writing down a running to-do list will help clear your head for one, and it’s a really useful exercise in seeing where you spend most of your time on a daily basis.

We tell people to do this all the time when they’re asking, “I don’t know where my time goes.” Write it out. Literally write it out and see where your time goes, and you’re like, “Oh, okay. I’ve spent an hour on Facebook for no reason, or I’ve spent two hours getting food.” It’s important to do that task to see where your time goes, and then write a new task and actually put in a list that ties back to your overall plan.

Stick to those three tasks and complete the most dreaded one first because the more you put that one off, you’re just never going to do it, and it’ll stay on the list for months. Set yourself time limits and organize your day schedule for each task.

I know actually getting your personal to-do list working in the way that you want it to work takes a little bit of experimenting, like it might work one day well, not the next. It will take a while for you to figure out, “Okay, this is how I know I work the best. I’m most productive in these hours, so I should do my harder task here.” But that’s the whole point of the exercise, guys. This is why you are doing that to figure out when you’re the most productive and when you should be working and when you should not be working.

  1. Give thanks

Third, give thanks. I know when you’re calling your own shots, you’re running your own business, you’re waking up and every day can be a challenge. You actually don’t know what the day is going to bring. Start the day, dedicate some time to gratitude, through journaling. If journaling is not your thing, it might be through quotes on Facebook or a status update, or just basic reflection or having those customer/client interactions, like getting feedback from your clients.

If you sometimes by just sending a simple text or if you do Facebook accountability groups, just putting a post in there on a regular basis, showing your appreciation for what they’re doing for you, and just by sharing that love, you’ll be surprised how much you get back.

You might be having a day when you’re feeling, “Why am I doing this? I’m so stressed, I’m so overwhelmed,” and then you’ll get a message from someone like, “Thank you so much. You’ve helped changed my life. You helped me turn around this by doing this, this, and that.” It makes everything that you’re doing feel so much better and you know while you’re doing it, you have a purpose again.

You need to be constantly giving thanks in different parts of your life and actually be grateful for what you have and what you achieved and what you’re working towards. I feel like I should be saying “namste” just then.

  1. Forever be learning

Fourth, forever be learning, guys. There is always something new to learn. The easiest way to keep up to date and on top of your stuff is to stay ahead. Make education a priority for you. In this day and age, there is really no reason why shouldn’t always be educating yourself because there are so many resources available everywhere and most of them are free these days. Putting out these blogs, they’re free, you can read them. It’s educating yourself.

Or listen to a podcast. Even go old school, read a newspaper. As long as you’re educating yourself on a daily basis, even if it’s you can only do half an hour one day, the next month you might be doing a course on something, but constantly be educating. There is absolutely no excuse to not be learning in this day and age, and you are not going to grow as a person or as a business if you are not constantly learning.

Guys, that is my four tips to start your morning every day. Do it. I know I feel better for it; I hope you do, too. If you just want to comment below, show your thanks, you can do that. It’s simple as that, is what I was saying. Thanks again, guys, and as always, if you have any comments or questions or anything, just leave them below. Thanks.

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