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Hey, guys. It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

Today, again, we’re chatting all things Snapchat, although we’re looking at a case study that we did on Snapchat on RBT and having a look at some of the best stuff to come out in 2015 on Snapchat.

Yes, we’re talking about it again. It’s not going anywhere, so if you’re thinking that it’s just a phase, a fad, not happening. I think Snapchat is only going to get better. This year in 2015, it grew substantially. We saw massive brands jumping on board.

I want to go through some of the core stuff that brands were doing last year with Snapchat, and then at the end of last year with RBT, we decided to do a little bit of a case study ourselves. We are quite happy with it, so we’re going to continue it into 2016.

Let’s have a look at what happened last year. There are a heap of case studies that you can look at – just Google them – but these are probably some of the bigger ones from big brands globally.


First off, Audi. As we know, Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for advertising. Yes, it is about the sport, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the ads. They’re replayed time and time again. It’s a very, very cluttered environment and much to Audi’s credit, they decided to do something a bit different.

They partnered with a digital agency over in the States to run a campaign around people’s second-screen viewing habits because we all know when we’re watching TV in this day and age, you’re not just watching TV; you’re also on your phone, on your iPad, on your laptop. You’re always looking at two screens.

In the survey, they found that 59% of the Super Bowl users from a few years ago were on mobile devices – as we all know. They teamed up with The Onion, which is an American news source, to produce all the news that isn’t football and they created a heap of humorous snaps.

I’ll show you in a second, some of them because they’re quite good, but the results for Audi were over 5000 new Snapchat followers on the day of the Super Bowl, more than 100,000 snap views, over 2000 campaign mentions on Twitter, which was over 37 million impressions – which is huge – and over 2500 new Twitter followers, as well as 9000 Facebook fans off the back of their Snapchat.

Let’s have a look at some of the stuff that Audi did. As you can see, the content’s not anything groundbreaking but it’s still fun, which just means that any brand can do it, big or small.

Sour Patch Kids

Let’s have a look at Sour Patch Kids. This is probably not that familiar to you if you’re not in the States, but as we know, Snapchat is generally associated with the younger generation. As we spoke about in the blog, it is that 18 to 25 audience but I think it’s slowly getting older as people are realizing that there is so much potential on Snapchat and it’s not just about taking selfies.

Sour Patch Kids partners with Paul Logan, who is a big Vine star. I wanted to highlight this one because it’s, again, using the power of influence and marketing to increase your Snapchat following.

If you can get somebody on board who already has that massive following on other social media channels, so they can be like, “Hey, I’m going to be on Snapchat for XYZ this coming Wednesday, make sure you follow,” you’re reaching a whole different audience, and people will tune in just to see them because they are a fan of them. Maybe we might use TJ next month in our Snapchats. Who knows?

Basically, Logan created a five-day series of Snapchat stories around the theme of sweet and sour in which he got up to all different mischief with big life-size toys of the Sour Patch Kids. I won’t go into that one, but I just wanted to highlight that if you can get an influencer of any level, whether it’s a blogger, an entrepreneur, somebody who has a social following who can help boost your Snapchat, definitely do it. The results of this one, as you can see, again, massive.


Let’s move onto H&M. Obviously, another big, big brand. This was in Poland, so H&M Poland. They hid tickets to an exclusive party in all their different stores. They sent out cryptic clues via Snapchat to where you could find these tickets.

They had 943 new Snapchat followers, over 200 people playing the game, and 3.8 million unique users learned that H&M was behind the launch of Boiler Room. There was lots of positive media coverage. Obviously, if you weren’t in Poland, you probably didn’t hear about this campaign, but it was quite big over there.

They were literally just posting – see what I mean? – super basic content. These big brands are doing stuff you can do very, very easily, like drawing a heart, essentially saying, “Come here, find this.” If you’re looking at doing some sort of user giveaway on Snapchat or getting people to interact, this is a really good way to do it. Give them something to look for, give them incentive to interact with your Snapchat.

RBT Gyms

Moving on to RBT, obviously, we’re looking at this at a much smaller scale given we’re just a couple of gyms in Australia. The objective of our RBT Snapchat was basically to let people see the culture of our gyms. We have, currently, eight locations across Australia, and we wanted to really show off each club. Obviously, we’re one big RBT family, but each location is so similar yet so different – from the area (which totally affects the type of members we have there, the trainers, everything.

We gave them a content calendar for the month, and each of them had either one or two days a week, one of them being a Saturday. Saturday is a massive bootcamp day for us across all of our clubs so we just wanted each club to represent their location and show the users how they do their Saturday bootcamp and just have some fun with it. They could do whatever they want on a Saturday.

During the week, we tried to keep the content similar across all the clubs, not for any reason more than at the end of the day, our trainers aren’t content makers, so we just wanted to hold their hand.

We had mandatory posts, so every day, they had to post the workouts that they’re taking their members through that morning or that night. Then also, we’d give them something like, “Today, post up a sweaty selfie with members, or something you’re doing to the community to give back, or meal prep, or some nutrition questions.”

We gave them a guide so that they could have some sort of inspiration if they needed it and then to, obviously, add their own flavor and personality because Snapchat is about having fun at the end of the day.

You want to show your business in a fun light and, obviously, in a professional one, but Snapchat gives you that opportunity to have more fun and be more flexible as you saw with the likes of Audi. McDonald’s even did a Snapchat with Lebron James. That’s on another scale. That’s why I didn’t put it in there because that was next level, but the point is anybody can do Snapchat and the content is so easy.

Here are some of our most popular snaps that we’re probably seeing the most. Like I mentioned, the sweaty selfie here on the left. I think that was at our Perth or Airport West. I can’t even tell from that background, but that’s just members quickly after their workout, taking a sweaty selfie and then them posting that. Again, we had a heap of them screenshot it and ask for it because they wanted to put it on their own social media channels.

The one here on the right is the Perth team for Christmas who went out to Ronald McDonald House in Perth and helped cook up dinner for the children of Ronald McDonald House. Obviously, really cute, showing that we’re not just gyms; we’re about community and helping people. This is just a cute Snapchat.

Here are some of the videos that we also had. Here is a video of a seminar. We hold seminars at all of our gyms every quarter. Obviously, we want to highlight different stuff that we do that is unique to RBT, which are free for members. This was just a quick one down at South Melbourne.

Here is one of the guys showing a daily workout. Obviously, they’ll post up the actual written workout as a photo, but then just showing a morning. This is down at one of the clubs.

Here is a Snapchat of the Melbourne clubs who did a toy drive across all their gyms, encouraging members to donate for the Ronald McDonald House, something that we do at RBT every single year. This is just a quick little Snapchat of the guys in Melbourne delivering the toys.

Then this is, again, the Perth team over at Ronald McDonald House over there who were cooking up a storm at Christmas Eve-Eve. Again, all the guys are in RBT t-shirts making sure there’s always branding happening in the Snapchat, because it is the RBT Snapchat, so everything has to have relevance and then we can reuse it. We can reuse these videos again for a blog like this.

As you can see, the content can be so varied and it’s so easy. Once you give it a few goes, you’ll actually have fun with it and the best content we’ve found is when it’s less structured and you just have fun with it.

Here are some of the results in our first couple of weeks of the RBT Snapchat. Currently on 165 followers. The first week, obviously the biggest uptake with 80. Then we went up to 100 the second week, and then the fourth, up to 150 followers. That was probably our peak open rate, so we had 75% of our followers actually opening our snaps.

That week, we were posting – which obviously has worked really well for us – the training videos. Like I said, putting the day’s workouts up in still shots and then just doing some video content, as well. Some Q&A with the trainers has worked really well, some basic nutrition questions or whatever it might be.

I think the best ones that we had come from our trainers at Airport West, with general what sort of stretching they should be doing, what sort of foods they should be eating, and then we had some great member video testimonials where guys interviewed members at their club, chatting about RBT, why they love it, why they love their club, and they’ve all worked really well.

Some learnings we’re taking from this moving into 2016 as we will continue our RBT Snapchat. If you’re not following, follow us, RBT Gyms.

Like I said, our users are wanting to see more about nutrition with the Q&A, working with trainers, and that sort of stuff is easy for your trainers or for people who are less confident in making content because it’s literally asking them questions with a phone. It’s so easy.

The daily mandatory workouts that I’ve mentioned a few times, we had heaps of screenshots of them every day. People obviously, if they missed a session whether it’s a member or not, they’re like, “I’d like to try that workout out.”

We’ve found that video gets way more interaction with our users. I think it’s good to mix it up, to have some stills with some video. If it’s all still, it’s boring.

Obviously, the more that the team is into the Snapchat, the better the outcome. We had a couple of clubs that just weren’t into it and were like, “This is da-da-da.” Their Snapchat was really boring. You could tell they didn’t care. That reflects in that into the users. They can see that it looks like it’s been forced and that they don’t want to do it.

If you’re not going to get into the Snapchat, you’re not going to have fun with it and be part of it, then it’s probably better not to post it because it comes across as fake and then it sort of brings down the rest of the vibe that other clubs have built up over the days.

That is a wrap-up of our Snapchat to date. We’ll do another one in a couple months as we’ve put in an influencer program. We’ll start to do some giveaways on Snapchat to see what the take-up is and whether people are responding to it in that way.

Again, I will update you in a couple months when we’ve done that, but if your business isn’t on Snapchat, you’re not ready, jump on their personally, see what’s going on, follow some brands and just get a feel for it.

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