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2:01 Irresistable offer

3:02 What you stand for and stand against

4:15 Your message

6:47 Be clearly understood

7:48 Be interesting

8:39 Increase the desire

9:49 Physical demonstration

11:51 3 ways to target in 2016

20:45 Constant innovation of your business

23:31 Retention

28:17 Referral

32:21 Marketing materials

What’s up, guys? It’s TJ here from Business Performance Coaching.

Today, I want to share with you how to get your ultimate marketing plan, how to blow 2016 out of the ballpark, talk about some retention strategies, some marketing strategies, and basically, how to blow up your business.

Today, guys, with your ultimate marketing plan, we’re going to talk about first things first, and it’s about creating a great USP. If you don’t know what a USP is or you don’t have a USP, it’s a unique selling point of your business. It’s a way of summarizing and telegraphing the chief benefits of your business, and basically, what it is you do. Your USP basically can express the theme of your business or service or whatever it is, in about ten words and makes people want to come. It’s as simple as that.

So do you have a USP so the prospective customer, whenever they hear it, they go wham! Your business basically, the answer to their need is your USP guys. It’s as simple as that.

When you set out to attract new prospective customers or clients to your business for the first time, it’s paramount that your USP answers their question, answers this question: “Why should I choose your business versus every other business in the comparative market that’s available to me? Why should I choose yours?”

The question basically helps you understand what a USP needs to be. It’s going to help crowbar it out of your mind. “Why should I choose your business, product, or service versus every other one in your competitive market, guys?” That’s what you need to do. For RBT, for Results-Based Training, it’s “Lose 5 kilos in 28 days while eating the foods you love.” That’s it. You lose 5 kilos in 28 days while eating the foods you love.

The only way you can make it better, guys, is adding an irresistible offer to it. Do you have an irresistible offer to get them into your program? For us, it’s “Lose 5 kilos in 28 days whilst eating the foods you love for $97 guaranteed.”

All of the sudden, we bumped in our irresistible offer on the end of our USP and it made it even more irresistible guys. This should be about 25% to 40% of your normal fees. It’s makes it a no-brainer. When someone here’s the price – bang – “I’m going to refer people. Come on, let’s all do it together,” and it makes them want to trial your services.

Obviously, you have to be good at what you do. If you’re not good at what you do, you’re not going to keep them long term, you end up losing money, you close your business. But, if you’re great at what you do, an irresistible offer actually is something that’s going to blow up your business. It’s going to decrease your marketing costs, as well.

One thing you must always keep in mind when marketing is you market your values, as well, guys. So you have your marketing piece in place and then you have to ask what you stand for and what you stand against. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything, and people need to be in line with you in business these days.

They need to know what your values are. So when you’re talking in the fitness niche, are you paleo? Are you vegan? Are you “if it fits your macros”? Are you circuit training? Are you CrossFit? Are you power lifting? What do you stand for? Why do you stand for them? Why do you stand against these other things? Everything you put out there, says “I stand for this. This is why I don’t stand for this.” It actually pulls people towards you.

Then you have to clearly convey why you’re doing what you’re doing. What is your mission? What’s your magnificent mission – the why you do what you do? Why are you doing it? Because that is crucial. If people understand why you’re doing it, they can get behind something.

You have a dream. People want to hear your dream. You need to clearly communicate with passion about what you do. You want to be passionate. No one wants to listen to some boring ass person not talking anything smart.

Why did you got started in the first place? You’ve got to ask yourself this. Ask yourself these things. Why did you get started in the first place? Who do you want to help? Why do you want to help them? How do you want to help them? How many people do you want to help this year and over time? If you can clearly communicate these things, guys, then your clients and prospects love being drawn to a bigger picture.

They want to be inspired by you. They want to contribute with you on that larger purpose. This will give the business a great meaning, and it’s going to help you feel like you’re all in it together. People want to be a part of something. You need to assemble your message.

To clarify, your marketing message is the story that you’re going to tell about your business in your marketing. Whether it be online, off-line, in direct mail, in conversation, by any means, your marketing, at its core, the foundation is this permanent message that you convey consistently over time.

It might change a little bit from person to person, niche to niche – put a little bit different hook on there, or a different offering here, a different promotion out there – but, guys, your message stays clear. “Results-Based Training for real people who want real results.”

It’s a very clear message of why you do what you do, who you help, how many people you want to help, and why you want to help them. Pack all this in: USP, you have irresistible offer, then you have what you stand for and what you stand against, and you have your message that you have there as well.

An easy way of doing that – and this is something Dan Kennedy says – is compile a large pile of blank cards, 10 cm by 10 cm. Put down one fact, one feature, one benefit, and one promise and offer component on each card. Pile, pile, pile, pile. You should have about ten cards – all the features, the benefits, the promises, the offers, the facts on your cards.

Then you’re going to start prioritize these cards, prioritize these benefits, and prioritize these features. All of the sudden, you have these five columns with the number one priority of what’s the number one fact? What’s the number one feature? What’s the number one benefit? What’s the number one promise? And what’s the number one offer? That is your headliner for what you’re going to be conveying across first.

This exercise is going to give you the best USP possible, and it’s going to support your sell story even more. Then you have the second layer and the third layer, and they can come in and intertwine. And you can start to get your related offers off the back end of this.

One of the most needed components in marketing is to be clearly understood, and if you can get this, then you can be understood. If a customer or a client comes to look at your marketing and they’re confused, they’re not going to buy from you. If you’re confused for one second, you’re not going to buy.

It’s going to flow correctly, and you’ll grab their attention, and you’ll get their interest. You’re going to make the desire for your goods up real high and then you’re going to get them to take action. That’s what it’s all about.

Step one is awareness. Then you’re going to get them to pick the thing that fulfils their desire. All of the sudden, you have the source. This is the service that actually gives you that desire and starts to give you the benefits on the back end. They’re going to take that step forward, which is accepting your business, and then need to know why they need to take it right now, rather than looking around any further.

With this, you can clearly eliminate all assumptions. They might assume that they get nutrition with your training or other places give nutrition with training. You need to clearly take all assumptions out, so they assume nothing and you give them all of the information.

With your marketing, it’s crucial to be interesting and be the epitome of what your clients want. If you don’t look the part, if you don’t act the part, if you aren’t the part, then how can they be interested in listening to you because you need to be the epitome of what they want to achieve. They need to love and be interested in you every step of the way. You must create interest and stay interesting. That’s all it is.

The power of your marketing is being interesting, it’s infotainment, and it’s having some secrets that they want to know. When you’re doing your marketing, putting your marketing out there this year, it’s putting out there what people want to read. Everyone wants to read the one secret that’s going to help tone your abs, the three secret foods that are going to help burn fat, the four secret exercises that are going to build your booty. It’s going to increase the desire.

You need to have your story in there, whether it be a transformation, your client’s story in there of their transformations. But when you’re telling a story, you start to market your product, you need to have the first-person dramatic story. That is everything.

You need to have before-and-after photos. If you don’t, start getting them. If I’m not doing fat loss, it might be before using this cleaning product and after using this cleaning product. Before-and-afters are in every industry. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Before the Mac guy came in and helped set up my Mac, me with a computer that doesn’t work, and after, actually doing this video for you guys. So, before-and-after photos, any industry can do it.

Dramatic stories of satisfied customers. When they can talk or write or relate to people in your niche, they’re reading it and it’s not just you, because when you say something, it’s just you saying random stuff; when someone else says something about your business, it’s fact.

Then statistics. “97% of people actually don’t get results in their standard gym, whereas 70% of people get results in your gym.” The facts. What are the facts in your gym? And then all your business. Then we have physical demonstrations, guys. Physically showing people what to do. Simple as that.

You need to also remember, you have to ask for the sale. I see people doing seminars, and whether it be seminar or even a sales consultation, they get to the end of it and they actually don’t ask for the sale. That is crucial. You always have to ask for the sale. At the end of everything, always ask for the sale.

Every product, every service, every business, is going to appeal much more strongly to a certain market. So remember that this year. You can’t always hit the target. This is another thing I heard. It’s like blind archery. If you blindfold me right now, give me a bow and arrow, step one, get out of the way; step two, I’m going to start firing. If you didn’t get out of the way in step one, you’d be hit and you’d be on the ground.

Step two, I’ll start throwing those arrows – or I could just use the bow and arrow correctly. I’m going to hit the target. But I’ll hit the target – one in hundred or one in a thousand. Every thousand shots I’ll take blindfolded, I’ll hit the target. That can be like your marketing. It could have been like your marketing in 2015, 2014, 2013. But there is a market where you’re at. If I take the blindfold off, how much better – for me, probably one in ten, hitting that bull’s eye.

With my marketing, if I can hyper-target, I know their interests, I know where my market is, what the demographic is of my client, I know what they’re like, what they read, what they watch, if I can market directly to them, if I can talk directly to them, how much cheaper does my marketing become? If rather than getting one in a thousand, I get a one in five, all that will become a little cheaper all of the sudden. The more you can start to hyper-target and talk to a certain amount of people, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking to 200 people versus 10,000 people if you’re talking to the right 200.

The three ways to target in 2016 is:

One, make sure the nature of the people around your business or what you’re selling is actually right. Drive around the neighborhood. Make sure that you look at the geographical location of your business. Drive around there. Are you pitching some price that’s all the way up here when people can’t even paint their walls or there are abandoned houses? Make sure your product fits the area. That’s number one.

Have a drive around. Look at the cars in the car parks. Look how the houses are maintained. You get to understand actually what their income is. Once you find the geographical market that works, just start to work it to death. It’s as simple as that. You need to dominate it.

Real estate people call this farming the market, but you can call it whatever you want. Personally, the only thing you ever have to do to be known in your area is just knock on every door and introduce yourself. “Hey, I’m TJ. I’m here from Results-Based Training, and I’m a personal trainer. I’m here to help you get the results you want. Because you’re in the area, I wanted to introduce myself to you and ask you, ‘How can I help you and your family get fitter in 2016?’”

I’ll tell you right now, if you did this with 200 people, you’d probably get 30 clients. It’s as simple as that. And you’ll get known. All of the sudden, you can start to do block parties. You can start to send out a monthly flier. People will start to know who you are. You can do your seminars. People will come down. You become more known and known and known in the area, and that’s all you have to do.

But I’ll tell you what stops most people is fear. Fear is going to stop you in your tracks. “Oh my god, but what if they say no?” Well, if they say no, then at least you know they know who you are and they can refer.

You need to mail everyone frequently. Text people. Get their e-mail addresses. Get them out. Talk to them. Do your block parties. Do annual events.

Another way is by association – understanding there are communities that get together as businesses – B2B – every single month, and you can talk about your business and they talk about their business, and you can start to cross-pollinate and help each other with businesses. Or your members might have businesses that you can come and talk at. This is a great way that we’ve grown with RBT. Start doing free seminars for businesses because they trust you by association.

Helping people in Facebook groups in the local area. Start helping people on a daily basis in the local buy-swap-sells. Give them free information. Don’t spam them. Help them. Help people in our local community with information.

In this association that you’ll be coming within, you’ll be a trusted adviser and it’s probably one of the biggest things. As Jay Abraham says, becoming the trusted adviser in your marketplace is one of the most crucible things. It’s a strategy of preeminence. It’s helping them and treating them like they’re a paying client before they start to pay you, because If you treat them like a paying client from the get-go, it’s only a matter of time before they start to pay you.

Then there’s proof. The public has been lied to so much, they don’t trust anyone anymore. Yet, you think they’re going to trust you for some godly reason because you’re different, but why do they know that you’re different? They don’t. This is the biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle is the hurdle of proof.

Your marketing message must be created with the understanding that your clients or potential clients are going to stubbornly think you’re talking absolute crap, so you need to have proof every step of the way. Your marketing message must be basically created with the understanding that you need to show proof over and over and over and if your offer is too irresistible, they’re probably not going to believe you, as well. You’ll be like, “Why aren’t they all buying?” Well, the offer is actually too good. That’s why.

Your offer has got to be reasonable. It’s got to be sensible. It’s got to be legitimate. It can’t arouse suspicion. It can’t be a dollar for two months of personal training, if you’re in the PT niche. You need to heavily lean on guarantees. “Lose 5 kilos in 28 days or your money back – or double your money back.” That’s heavily leaning on a guarantee. But you need to be good at what you do.

Have the testimonials, the proof. Video testimonies. People talk as if they were you. When you walk into RBT and you’re having a consultation and you see me talking to one of the trainers or one of the managers, and sit there facing a wall – a wall of photos with people holding up how much weight they’ve lost with RBT. “I’ve lost 20 pounds. I lost 20 kilos. I’ve lost 30 kilos.” They’re all holding signs. You’re facing these hundred signs in front of you. There is an overwhelming sensation of proof staring at you straight in the face.

This takes all the guesswork out of the equation. It’s like, “You can be like George. You can be like Jenny,” or whoever it is. You can see it’s a mom. “This is Sally. She has kids too. She was exactly like you. She didn’t have time. She was stressed with her kids. She lost 23 kilos. Do you want to be like Sally? Perfect. Sign here. It’s going to take 24 weeks.”

How can you do the exact same in your business to make the sale effortless? Can you have the salespeople have their own before-and-afters? “This was me before, and this was me after. I know exactly how you’re feeling right now because I was feeling the same.” People don’t believe you until they believe what you’ve gone through. Pictures prove your case. Incorporate photo evidence in everything you do – in websites, every single seminar, every single presentation for sales that you do.

When you make a statement, it’s a claim. We talked about this. It’s you claiming, “I swear, you can lose 5 kilos in 28 days. When someone else makes a statement about your business, it’s a fact. Don’t make claims; create facts. It’s as simple as that.

You can have a bunch of verbal snapshots, before and after, or you can have them before, feeling crap about their life, and after, doing something that they love in a bikini – whatever you want. You need to get pictures.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself, what’s your perception? What’s your perception in that market place this year? Do you have the perception where people see your marketing, they come into your business and it’s subtly different? Totally different? Are your walls clean? Are you giving them coffee if you’re a premium service. Do you have towels for them? Do you have shakes for them? Are the toilets clean? Are your trainers wearing tuxedos? Whatever it is, does the perception of your business match the perception of your marketing?

Do they smell? What are the toilets like? What’s the music like? What type of people work there? How many people work there? Is there art? Are there paintings? Are there massage chairs? WiFi? Coffee? What’s the perception?

I want you to describe the perception of what you see as your business. What do you want your business to be perceived like? Write two paragraphs. “This is what I want to be perceived like. These are the notes that I want to be perceived like.” Then walk into your business and ask is this actually it? What do I need to change?

Is everything we do, every single marketing piece, is it premium? Is it the best? Is it high end? If you’re charging high end, is it up there? Because if it isn’t, if every single piece about your business going out there isn’t legit, then you’re not projecting that image correctly, because you have to be congruent with every piece of marketing that you put out there and that is reinforced inside your business. That’s what you should ask yourself.

Something I’ve seen in the last couple of years is people taking their customers for granted. There was a time when essentially fads were rare and people stayed with a business forever. Obviously, this doesn’t happen anymore. There are like 3000 marketing messages you see every day. People switch between gyms and between phone companies, between anything, every single day.

We think that our customers are going to be loyal until suddenly all of the sudden, they aren’t loyal, and all of the sudden, we’re losing customers hand over fist and we’re trying to figure out what the hell is going wrong? It’s because you lost it. You didn’t look after your customers.

How do you keep your customers interested? You need to be the buzz, the buzz thing. You need to ask yourself what can propel your customers to a frenzy in recruiting everybody around them to follow you and be a part of you? I’m going to say it again. What can you do to get your clients in a frenzy in recruiting everybody they know to follow them to you? Write five things down. What can you do?

Your business should constantly innovate. It should constantly innovate for the better. We are so interested in what’s new. That’s how people ask every day. “Hey, what’s new? What’s happening? What’s up?” They’re like, “What’s boring and old is the business that I go and see. What’s new?”

“There’s a DJ down at my local gym every week. It’s amazing. They give us protein shakes. That’s what’s new – new protein shakes. My gym gives me a towel every time I come into workout. My trainer calls me up every single week just to see how I’m going.”

These are the things that we do. What’s new with your business? What’s new? Always. It’s what we ask. You be the thing on the person’s lips. Be that top-of-mind awareness of what’s new.

What you can do: get some recognition. Be inside the local papers. Always, you want to try to get out there. Radio, papers. New products – always. Innovation. New services done for you, helping them in different ways. Seminars. Education.

Tie things to a trend. We did a Wolverine challenge, we did a Hercules challenge when these movies came out. Try and get published. Where’s your book. Do you have a book? Get it out there. Be a part of the local community; tie it in with contribution.

You need to start to get a little bit of publicity because it’s going to help motivate the customers, because if you’re doing good and you get out there and you’re part of that community, the people want to be a part of you. So tie in with some charities, tie in with a contribution of local community. In every successful business, the customer is perceived and treated as the most important asset.

Are you trying to treat new customers as the most important asset or your existing customers as the most important asset? Because to really get to the point and own that you believe, you have to figure out the customer basically is everything to your business, your current customer. Without them, you can’t afford to even find new customers. That is, the most fragile equity of your business is keeping your loyal customers loyal. It’s as simple as that.

When you’re in relationship, there’s nothing more annoying… Say I’m with my wife and all of the sudden I start looking at other females, start gawking at other females and start flirting with other females. That would be so bad. It’s seen as bad by your wife, obviously, but it also seems bad to other people. But this is what you’re doing in business. It’s exactly the same.

You’re in a relationship with your customers. If all they ever see is you’re ignoring them, and you’re just constantly marketing, and constantly marketing all these offers that they never got and they don’t get, and you’re paying attention to them all the time, how do you think they feel? Do you think they feel like your wife would feel if you were doing that to them? Exactly the same.

Retention is acquisition because you want to keep your clients for life. If you can focus half the effort on your current clients that you did on getting new clients, then you would keep them, because people just want to feel like they are heard, like they are being seen, like they are being looked after, and that’s what we’re going to look at. We’re going to focus.

Probably in 2015, I saw a lot of people focusing on new clients. In 2016, I see the fact that we’re going to start to focus on our current clients to get more clients. If we can start to change that stake in the game, the whole business will change. Your direct debits will grow.

Businesses are changing. When people leave your business, when we look at all your leavers, these are some facts, again, from Dan Kennedy: 1% will die, 3% will move away because they move away, 5% will follow a friend somewhere else, 9% will switch due to price or a better product, 14% will switch due to disappointment. What are the rest of the 68% leaving for? 68% are leaving because they didn’t feel appreciated. They felt like they were taken for granted. They felt unimportant. This is fact.

Are your clients feeling important every day? It’s neglect and negligence. Negligence in the dictionary is defined as failing to take proper care. Are you giving negligence to your clients? Negligence towards the care of your customers is not always visible. Neglect as a noun is defined as being the state of being uncared for.

In marketing, perception includes reality. So, a feeling or sense of being uncared. You have to ask yourself “Are all my clients feeling cared for right now?” Or do they feel like they might have been uncared for, which is essentially negligence, which means they’re going to leave you.

How can you stop this from happening? You need to make sure that they’re getting the offers you’re offering new people. If not, if you can’t give them the offers you’re giving new people, give them something to feel important while you’re giving these new offers out. Your website shouldn’t be just about new acquisitions; it should be about giving information to your current clients.

You should be not obsessing over the quantity of new clients; it’s the quality of new clients and the customer value of your current clients. You need to invest – and this is something a lot of people aren’t doing – as much money in your current clients as you’re investing in trying to find new clients.

If you have a budget of $500 a month to get new clients, spend $500 a month on your current clients. Have barbecues, have days out, go to Bounce, go to the beach volleyball, go do lots of stuff. Spend money on your current clients. If you equal match, if not two times current client spend to new client spend, you’re getting so much more referrals, which means customer value keeps increasing.

Also, guys, letting communications disintegrate between your current clients. Do you have weekly communication through e-mail, through phone calls, through seminars, through face-to-face? Be grateful: the fact that you get to own a business, you get to change people’s lives. You wake up every day to help people.

This is what I think we forgot. We forgot why we did this. We’re here to change lives every single business. You start a business because you saw something better. You wanted to do something better. Every single time.

Have a customer appreciation event. It’s little expressions of gratitude like this every year, every month, every quarter, I don’t care how often you do them. Have a customer appreciation event. If you’re in a gym, protein shakes down there, DJ down there, bouncy castle down there. Whatever you want to do, have a ball. Put it on for them. An annual event – and in these annual events, they can bring their friends. If you do just one annual event and everyone brings their friend down, all of the sudden your business doubles overnight. Shit, that was pretty good marketing.

Another thing, you can do formal rewards nights or formal rewards programs. If you stay with us for 24 weeks, all of the sudden, now you get protein shake every training session after your session. If you sign up for 48 weeks, you get that and a massage once a month.

Think about what rewards programs can you have? They’re going to grow your business, grow your patronage. Think about who does it. The airlines. We fly with the same provider because we want to attain a certain status because we get the lounge access. Does your business have the lounge access in some form? You’ve got to ask yourself.

Make everyone on your team an ambassador for great service, great gratitude, appreciation team members. Greet your customers as welcomed honored guests every single time. Be able to answer every question knowledgeably. Have a policy for handling complaints. If someone wants to leave your business, never leave without an exit interview or making sure they’re happy, because you want customers to leave happy. So, which three ways can someone leave happy?

Always know your customer average value – I asked a couple of people this lately – otherwise you have no idea what the customer is worth to you. If you don’t know what they’re worth to you, how do you know how much you can spend to get them?

You can increase their average value by increasing their order size, so making sure they purchase a larger amount or purchase more often, or you can offer them variety, so different services at the same time. Use food and training and supplements on top. Or getting existing customers to bring their friends. That’s getting it as well.

When we look at this, that means we have to move into how do we get referrals? We use the EAR formula, where E stands for earn. We need to earn referrals. When we ask for referrals, think of E. We must earn referrals. Like Walt Disney said, do what you do so well that people can’t resist but to tell others about you. Do you do that? Do you do what you do so well that other people can’t resist but to tell others about you?

If there is one secret to maximum referrals, it’s not satisfied customers. If you only have satisfied customers, you’ll probably get not many referrals or an average amount of referrals. If you have enthused, inspired, awed customers who absolutely love everything about you, they get a wow experience every single week, they’re going to refer not just one or two; they’re going to refer in abundance. They’re refer non-stop.

If a client only gets what they expect and deserve, they’re not going to be wowed and awed. If they pay for something, you don’t just give them that, you give them that plus ten others on top. You go over and above. That’s how you earn referrals.

Next is ask. Some people don’t ask for referrals. It’s crazy that most businesses and people who do anything with sales don’t ask for referrals. One, from the get-go, “When we’re half way to getting results, I’m going ask you to refer a friend just like you. Is that cool? When we get results, I’m going to ask you to refer someone else, because that’s how we do business here. Is that fine?” “Yes.” All of the sudden now they’re looking for it. They’re looking for you to ask for a referral.

Two: conduct referral promotions. “Okay, guys. Every four that you refer this month, you get a massage. Or you get a Fitbit for referring two people.” Simple as that. Promotions. And referral events. “We’re going to have a big night, we’re going to have a gala. You can refer one person down for this event.” All of the sudden, you can double your business overnight.

So it’s earn, ask, and then next one is recognize and reward. Recognize those people who have given you the referrals. Reward your clients who refer multiple people to you. Given them something more that they didn’t even know that they were going to get.

Find some clients who become champion clients, who refer you five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten clients. If you have ten champions, and they all refer five people, that’s 50 clients a year. Do you need more than that if you’re actually keeping your clients? We talked about that before: we’re spending money on actual retention. You don’t need any more than 50 new clients a year. So, guys, recognize and reward.

You have to remember this when you’re doing your business growth for 2016. You need to ask for the referrals. When we look at our marketing, we should be doing a monthly printed newsletter to all our members and past members. It’s as simple as that. We should be doing postcards once every two months or once a month to our area. We should be segmenting our lists and sending out e-mails, talking to some people who are in this part of your program, or buyers or non-buyers, or moms or guys. So we’re talking to them separately.

We should do a rescue camp for members who aren’t members anymore. We should be doing fliers or having inserts in the newspaper. Getting them out there, getting your business in front of more people. Have loyalty reward program for people who stay with you. Have your website going. You need to have your blogs on a weekly basis. Remember if you’re a premium service, it’s a premium blog, so it’s premium content.

Have your SEO going, as well. Have your social media and YouTube going out every single day, being in front of other people. JV with other businesses around your area. That is the ultimate marketing plan for 2016.

Remember, don’t be boring. Focus on targeting where your customers are at, and don’t take advantage of and don’t take for granted your current customers, and never let anyone leave angry. You need to get your great USP. You need to be understood clearly. You need to carefully eliminate every single assumption out there.

Always ask for the sale. You need to tailor your message to your niche, the niche you’re talking to right there and then. Prove your case with pictures as always. Perception is congruence. If you aren’t the perception, your business isn’t the perception that you’re trying to sell, you aren’t going to make the sale.

Constant change and innovation to give them more and give them better. Make your customers feel important and appreciated and respected, and have this in your calendar. You need to develop new products for your existing customers to give them better service – excellence as desired by your customers. You must be excellent. Be above excellent. Remember, satisfied customers mean jack shit. You want to always excel, and you’ve got to enlist some champions who are going to refer.

Guys, if you can get this down pat, like we talked about today, your marketing plan is going to be astounding in 2016. You’re going to be the preeminent person in your niche, in your area, being not just the sales person or the PT; you’re the consultant, you’re the adviser. People come to you for advice.

Imagine if someone walked down to your business asking “What should I do? I heard you’re the best. I heard you tell people what’s best for them.” If your business isn’t best for them, advise them that. Because that’s how you become a trusted adviser. That’s what 2016 is all about.

That’s TJ here from Business Performance Coaching.

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