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0.45 Stay true to your UVP

1.25 Give yourself “me” time

2.05 Do what works for you

2.33 Ask for help

2.52 Know that not everyone will like you

3.14 Use Social Media

4.11 Be Persistent

4.34 Be an expert in something

4.56 Look Professional

5.49 Have a mentor/role model

Hi, guys. It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

I’m going to quickly run through with you, basically the ten tips on how to market yourself. We all know at the end of the day, we’re the best representations of our own brands and quite often, we don’t actually allow ourselves to shine into our business.

To be on brand is one of the most important investments you can actually make. Let’s discuss the ten tips that will help you when you’re trying to market yourself.

  1. Stay true to your unique value proposition

Firstly, stay true to your unique value proposition – your UVP. This is marketing term we always use for brands or for companies, but it still holds ground when it comes to people. At the end of the day, let’s ask yourself why are you different, and what do you have to offer?

We all have value to offer, especially within your niche. You may personally have an audience you can communicate with better than anyone, and in most instances, your niche clientele will still gravitate towards you because they understand or they like you. Your influence may be greater with a certain market if you can use that unique value point to connect with those sorts of people.

  1. Give yourself “me” time

Second of all, give yourself “me” time. You can’t always be on brand, on point, or on fleek, whatever the term is that you’re using these days. You need to give yourself time to breathe and get in touch with things that give you inner happiness and give your life meaning beyond your brand. It means a day at the gym, shopping, traveling, golfing, whatever it may be.

Your time is your time, and it lets you rejuvenate and let yourself grow and evolve as a person. This can actually work to add to your personal brand and help you get in that better headspace and run your business better.

  1. Do what works for you

Three, do what works for you. People always have an opinion on your processes and methods and may try to mold you or lead you into situations that worked for their business, but it might not necessarily work for you. Take these lessons in stride, of course, but at the end of the day, if something else works for you and makes better sense to your morals or values then don’t let anyone else bring you down, plain and simple.

  1. Ask for help

Four, ask for help. You should never be afraid of asking for help. Sometimes talking out loud might just be the solution to your problem or help you get out of that rut that you might have been stuck in for a couple of weeks or a couple of years. We all learn so much about ourselves as we build relationships with other people and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

  1. Know that not every will like you

Fifth, know that not everyone will like you, at the end of the day. I know this seems really obvious, but no matter how much your brand has to offer, there will always be people who don’t see the value in it. It’s important not to take this personally and not to let them hold you down. At the end of the day, haters gonna hate.

  1. Use social media

Sixth, use social media. It’s important to walk the walk. If you want to promote yourself in areas online, you need to let yourself be seen online by those potential employers and clients all over the world. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn if you’re going after those corporates, you need to be out there. You need to be seen.

Don’t just be out there and then do nothing. You can’t start a page and have one post and not do anything with it. It’s a constant work in progress. It always needs attention. Whether you love or hate social media, it’s here to stay and people are going to suss you out on your social media so keep it up to date, keep it on brand with you. Don’t try and be someone else. Just be you.

  1. Be persistent

Seven, be persistent. Rolling on with what I’ve just said, you need to have that strong consistent image of your personal brand everywhere. Everything from imagery to language to communication that you use, really take that opportunity to promote yourself and stay on message throughout. Persistence: you just need to keep going and going, pushing you, pushing your brand, simple.

  1. Be an expert in something

Eight, be an expert in something. We go on about being in a niche. Find it. Find your niche. Be that niche. Own that niche. You need something to own – again, something that you’re passionate about, something that you’re knowledgeable about. Be that, plain and simple.

  1. Look professional

Number nine – it might seem really obvious – look professional. If you’re running a start-up and believe you are the best person to do everything, to do the marketing, operations, sales – everything – you’re doing everything, then you should probably consult someone to help you market your brand.

Often we’re not thinking about the way we market our brand to your actual target audience because we’re so caught up in how your brand is from your own perspective, which can often give you a really clouded judgment.

Get some external eyes to help ensure your company represents all the glory you believe it does. Whether that be in coaching, business coaching, hiring another company to look over something, a copywriter, outsourcing something, or even just getting a mate to look over something and being like, “Hey, this actually doesn’t make sense,” or whatever that may be, always get other people looking at your stuff.

  1. Have a mentor or role model

Ten, finally, have a mentor or a role model. At the end of the day, we all need people who can pick us up when we’re down, knowing that you have people around you during tough times or even the good times to enjoy that ride with you.

You need a mentor in life. You need a life coach. You need someone who’s pushing you to that next level, because you can have the best intentions and say, “No, I’m going to push myself further,” but a lot of the times, we don’t. By having that mentor or role model, we know they’re keeping you accountable and they’re keeping you working towards certain goals.

This might sound really cheesy, but remember every day, you’re marketing yourself to every person you come in contact with. What message are you leaving to the world? I know that’s the most cliché Instagram post/quote you could say but it’s true.

On that note, guys, have a think about that. Who is your brand? Go and own it. Be you.

We’ll see you again for the next blog post. Cheers, guys.

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