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1:59 What is so great about Blab?

3:30 Blab is all about equality

4:43 Is it good for Business?

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In this blog, I’m going to be talking about Blab. If you’re wondering what Blab is, there is a new Periscope – let’s just say – on the market, and as always, I think it’s awesome, so I’m going to tell you all about it.

What is Blab?

What is Blab? Like I said, Blab is a new live-streaming platform that enables a public video chat among four participants at a time. If you’ve used Periscope – which I hope you have because we told you you needed to get on it – or if you’ve used Google Hangouts, it has kind of basically merged them together to make more awesomeness a lot more seamless.

Viewers come in and watch the live-stream, as you do with Periscope, and you can participate by leaving comments on the left-hand side, as you can with Periscope, but this you can actually use on desktop or mobile versions. At the very end of this, I’ll show you a live version of it so that you can get a better understanding. As we go through, just keep this in mind until we get to the end.

There are four people on the chat at the same time. You can all see each other, kind of Brady Bunch style. If one of the four seats is open, you can request to join. You could be on a broadcast where there are two people on it. If you enjoy what they’re talking about or think you can add more to it, you can request to join that broadcast. You can just jump on a broadcast with anyone in the world and give your opinion. It’s pretty cool.

What is so great about Blab?

Why is it so great? You’re like, “Okay, it’s kind of like Periscope and it’s kind of like Google Hangouts. Whatever.”

The Team Blab team is quite small, and they spend ridiculous amounts of time making sure they’re across all different Blabs all day to moderate it and interact with everyone, to make sure everyone is having a good experience, just to make it better. If you have any suggestions when you’re using it write them down, because they will listen, which is pretty awesome.

It’s also – which I think is quite cool – brought social interaction back into social media. As ridiculous as that sounds, people are actually interacting with one another and having more deep and meaningful conversations in real time, instead of the normal, “Thanks for the re-tweet. Hope you’re having a good day.”

People are actually getting to know each other more through Blab, so you have more relationships being built. It’s probably the closest thing to a face-to-face interaction in an online setting. The fact that people can jump in and out of a live-stream conversation just adds to that. You can also jump out if you get bored, which can be a bit rude, so watch that.

Just thinking about it, you don’t really see business owners having conversations like this across the Web. I don’t think I would personally wear any of those hats – maybe the giraffe one – but anyway, you get the point.

A cool little quote I read in a blog was “People who care more about their celebrity status over their communities rarely convert customers.”

Blab is all about equality. You give “feels” – the feels emoji is like a “Praise the Lord’ emoji”; I’ll show you later – by clicking on the individual screens of the live-streamers within Blab. The feels disappear at the end of it, so everyone is back to square one. It’s not like at the end of it you had keep 87 likes; you go back to zero. During the chat, you get praise for what you’re talking about, but once it’s over, it’s like, “Cool chat. Let’s move on.”

The conversation is between two or more people, which helps for a lot of people who are particularly scared to do a video or Periscope by themselves. When there are other people in with you, the focus is less just on you and it’s more of a discussion. You can then interact more, because a lot of people feel a lot more comfortable in that sort of situation than they do when it’s all eyes on them.

Is Blab any good for business?

“Is Blab any good for business?” is what you’re all asking. Of course, as with anything, any platform is great for business if you use it correctly.

With Blab, there are a number of ways it can be used for business, but one thing to keep in mind is that it’s a conversation platform at the end of the day. Sales will come as a by-product of people being able to see and interact with you. The bottom line is that instead of telling viewers how great you and your business are, just show them. Don’t make it overly scripty and like a TVC or an ad; just be real.

What can you use it for?

What can you use it for? We always give some ideas because people go, “Okay, cool. I don’t know how to use that.” It’s so easy.

As with Periscope or any broadcast, you could do a customer hot seat. You could give them specific advice. You can answer any questions about your gym or clients. You could brainstorm ideas. You can conduct interviews.

A cool thing with Blab is you can keep the content and rehash it. You can take questions from viewers in the comments to the broadcast like you can in Periscope, and respond in real time, and then use that again later.

You can create a daily talk show. We will probably start using it for one of our Small Business Performance Coaching Insider Trading programs. At the moment, every Friday we do a live Q&A on Periscope, but it is only available for 24 hours, so people have to watch it then. If we wanted to talk about something and keep it for a blog post we can start using Blab, because it can actually be used again.

You could do an after show, and you can encourage interactions in a discussion forum after you’ve had that across other social media platforms.

You’ll be sent a link at the end of a Blab, like with Periscope, and it’s really cool because there are a number of key ways you can repurpose this content:

  • Create a blog post around specific discussions
  • Embed recorded video in a blog post
  • Pick a content point to share in an e-mail or EDM
  • Upload it to YouTube for your YouTube channel
  • Edit the video for Instagram and push people to a bigger blog post,
  • Create posts, tweets, graphics points, and make it all into a Pinterest post.

The limits are endless, and it’s really good to start thinking about how you can rehash this content and create stuff for your day-to-day business. We always tell you that content is key; just keep pushing out your content.

Like any other social media platform that’s gaining momentum, take a little time to see if Blab is good for you. It might not be right for your niche, it might not be right your market, but just take a little look and have a really good think about it.

Just note that it is really new. We are going to start trialing it in the coming weeks because I want to. It’s a “watch this space” category, but in saying that, you don’t want to wait too long. You know people who have left Instagram way too long and now they’re scared to get on Instagram because they feel like everyone is way ahead of them, they don’t know how to use it, and they’re too far behind.

Just be aware of what’s happening in this space. It’s why we make these blog posts, so you guys know what’s happening in the market. Go check it out, and if it’s something you think “Oh yes, maybe I might do it later,” or “No, definitely not for me,” at least have it in the back of your mind.

In conclusion

Ultimately, whether you should use Blab for business really comes down to knowing your customer, knowing the medium you’re most comfortable with, and being able to slot that into the right sales funnel.

I know that was a whole heap of info to take in, but let’s have a look at what Blab actually looks like.

When you go into Blab, this is the homepage you’re given. You can sign up with your Twitter or you can manually set it up with your Gmail or Facebook. Press “Sign In” up here in the corner. I’m already logged in with my Twitter, so I can just click here.

When you come in, this is the page you will see. It’s like Periscope, so if you’ve used Periscope this will be really easy for you. If you haven’t, you can see here in the “On Air” section broadcasts that are happening right now. You can jump on these and just listen.

Obviously, always create a captivating headline if you want people to join your broadcast, because you want more people listening. You can get stuck in here for ages, just looking at random stuff.

Here, in the schedule tab, if you’re following subscribers and stuff, you can see what’s coming up, and it gives you reminders so that you don’t miss it. That’s quite helpful.

Here you’ve got replays. Anything that you’ve watched that has been put up for a replay, you can watch it there. Or, if you’ve done one yourself that is being replayed, you can also watch it there.

As you can see, people talk about literally anything. As with Periscope, there’s nothing really off limits. At the end of the day, just be interesting. If you don’t think you’re interesting, I guarantee somebody else will. But, like I said, you’re not on there by yourself; you’re having a discussion with other people. Unless you’re all mute, I’m pretty sure people will tune in.

Let’s have a look at a sample blab from some other people, so you can get a feel for what it looks like.

Sunny: Here is my Blab Tutorial, and I’ve invited my friend Vincenzo Landino to the stream because he is a live-stream expert. I want to get his take on the latest live-stream platform.

We’ll call this a business conversation, because we’re going to talk about how you can use it for business.

You can schedule your blabs for up to a month in advance, which is a really great feature.

We’re going to go live right now. I’ll start my Blab, and this is my very first blab, so I’m learning right along with you.

I’m going to share this on Twitter, right here. I’ll make sure I tag Vincenzo so that he actually joins the conversation.

Brandon: Hey.

Sunny: Hey, how are you?

Okay, I’m accepting David too.

David: Hi, Sunny. How you doing?

Sunny: I’m good. How are you?

David: Great. I’m noticing that this is your first blab.

Sunny: This is my first blab. I’m trying to figure it all out. How do I invite somebody to blab?

David: You don’t invite people. The best way to get people into your audience in here – especially as you have a pretty large following in Periscope – is to get on Periscope first, especially if you have a big following there.

People keep comparing them, but it’s two different platforms.

Sunny: There he is. Thanks for showing up, Vin. I think I confused him. Okay, I’m going to accept now.

Well, hello.

Vincenzo: Confusing me is not the hardest thing in the world to do.

Sunny: The first question is, obviously, Blab is being compared to Periscope, Meerkat, Google Hangouts, and OnAir. In one sentence, how does it compare and why should people be using Blab?

Vincenzo: Periscope, Meerkat, and any of those tools are one-to-all – so it’s a broadcast –whereas this is a conversation one-to-one-to-one-to-one. Then we have a chat feature here.

The difference with Google Hangouts that I’ve found so far is that this is so much more seamless. It seems a lot smoother. Plus, it adds the conversation from viewers, which you don’t get on Google Hangouts. There are my differences.

David: Basically, Blab is more of an interpersonal type thing. Everybody [13:48 inaudible] each other, and you have the people on the chat room shooting out questions. With Meerkat and Periscope, I see it as more of a one-sided thing; you’re the center of attraction and you’ve got to be on top of the comments and everything.

This, for me, flows 100 times easier. It’s a ton more comfortable. I stick with this one more, as far as the after show, and Periscope is more like your main show.

Sunny: The second question is about the business case for Blab. I’ve read a few things. Obviously, when it comes to politics this would be an amazing tool for debates. What do you see it used as when it comes to business uses and corporations? Are any brands jumping on board right now, or is it still very early for that?

Brandon: Are we going with me first again?

Sunny: If you want to!

Brandon: I think it’s great for customer support. I think it can be widely adapted for customer support. You get customer feedback.

Vincenzo: I don’t know about brands using it, either, but I can definitely see it as Brandon said, as a great customer service tool. Imagine brands being able to flip on a blab, leaving it on for however long their customer service hours are open for, and then you get four people live, like tech support. You can sit there, and you let people come in and chat. That’s an option.

Sunny: Is there an option for private blabs if it’s for internal meetings?

Vincenzo: Not yet.

Sunny: Can I ask a quick question, because this is a tutorial I want to make sure people understand how to…?

Vincenzo: No.

Sunny: I will X you out again. I know how to use it!

Okay, as far as these feels, the feels are like Periscope hearts. How do they work? Can you give me a quick overview breakdown of what they are and how they work?

Vincenzo: They have no real value now, other than per blab.

Sunny: What does that mean?

David: You know how in Periscope, you’re trying to get to the leaderboard? Here, when people like what you’re talking about they’ll start tapping on you.

Vincenzo: People are asking how to put in the text overlay. Type “/q” space, and then type your question.

David: This is a program for the Mac; it’s called CamTwist. You would go into CamTwistStudio.com, and you should download the beta version 3.0. If you’re using a PC, the one they’re using is called ManyCam. It’s kind of the same thing. I just changed the title.

On the message board here, where it says, “Type something cool,” type “/topic”, then space, and whatever it is that you want to call it.

Sunny: Thanks, guys. Bye!

The great thing is because I recorded my Blab, I was sent an audio file and the video file, so I can repurpose it for other social content or directly upload it to YouTube.

As you can see, it’s pretty cool. It’s like Google Hangouts meets Periscope meets just coolness. I really love it. Go and try it out.

If you want to try it out with us, please just send me a comment below, or let’s just hook one up and see if you like it. Lets see how we can interact it into your business, or if it’s not for you, cool.

Any other comments or questions, just comment below.

Thanks guys.

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