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0:54 What is Periscope?

1:51 What sort of content are people steaming/making/creating?

3:16 How do I know when to tune in?

4:35 Will I be disturbed?

4:55 Will it take over other social media platforms?

6:02 5 ways to use Periscope in Business

7:00 5 ways to use Periscope in Gyms

It’s Hayley from Small Business Performance Coaching.

Today I’m going to have a quick chat to you about Periscope, the awesome new app. I don’t know whether you’re aware of it or not.

Let me just put this in context really quickly. I was very anti-Periscope when I was first told to look into this, because I was like, “Please, I don’t want another app that is the same as Snapchat,” and I’ve now since discovered it is nothing like Snapchat. I’m going to take you on a really quick overview of what Periscope is and why you will probably become slightly addicted, as well.

“What is Periscope?” you ask. Basically, Periscope is a live video streaming platform, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Periscope and social media followers. Imagine Skyping or Google Hangout, but instead of video calling a single person or a group, you’re linked up to a whole community of Periscopers instead.

Not only that, whoever is watching you can comment and ask questions in real time. These show up on your screen while you’re broadcasting. Comments will come up from people as you’re talking, so you can interact and you can see the likes going as you talk, as opposed to a Snapchat where you have one minute of video and you send it to a certain amount of people, and then people comment back, and whatever. This is literally live with you and everybody who is watching your broadcast.

What sort of content are people making? Literally, anything. You can have someone sightseeing in Rome, or you can have TJ doing a webinar or dancing with his dog, Hercules. This literally happened the other night. We were testing Periscope and he was dancing with Hercules like a human. Anyway, we digress.

The Paris Opera Ballet recently filmed rehearsal for their upcoming show. Hillary Clinton streamed her first presidential campaign rally through Periscope. And then people show you the contents of their fridge because, well, why not? It can be anything, guys. It can be mundane, it can be funny, anecdotal, and insightful.

I think where this would be really good is in that breaking news space in the sports space – when stuff is happening that’s live and just getting it out there really, really quickly. I really think Periscope is going to just be all over this, so watch out for that.

Obviously, the one common link, though, is that it’s so interactive, as I said before. Viewers literally comment in real time and the broadcaster can reply back, making it a two-way conversation, and just not with that person but with anyone who’s tuned in to that broadcast.

How do you know when to tune in? You get a notification any time that people you’re following do a live transmission. You can rewatch any video from your followers for 24 hours only, just like the same with a Snapchat story. After they disappear, no one can watch it again, even yourself. You can’t even watch it again unless you saved it, obviously. Then you can watch it again.

This is probably the best part of Periscope, to be honest. The “World map” tab is so much fun. You can literally go in there and you can see all the live broadcasts that are taking place at that moment. Obviously, when you set your broadcast up, you create a heading or a title, something cool. You can use hashtags so that people can search through the hashtags to find a broadcast that interests them.

This is where you find all the weird and awesome stuff. You literally might just drop in to people’s lives around the globe. Be careful because you might get slightly addicted. I am warning you, you can say that you won’t but trust me, you will.

Will you be disturbed by some of the things that you might see? No, but it would be kind of cool if you did, because then it’s a pretty funny story. But, no, Periscope say that they have a team checking so that things never get too outrageous or crude.

“Will Periscope take over other social media platforms?” is the big question at the moment. Personally, I think it’s a pretty big game-changer for, like I said, how news is reported and how sport is broadcasted. Just imagine a protester out capturing all the action as it happens or someone at a game who is live streaming and they catch that match-winning goal at the football. It’s taking that element away from TV. Anyone now can instantly broadcast breaking news.

As we’ve touched on, you can do a broadcast that’s public, obviously, but you can also create private broadcasts by selecting the people you’d like to stream to. Let’s imagine your friend was getting married and you set up a broadcast for the friend and the family who couldn’t be there, similar to what people do with Skype, I guess. A word of warning, though: make sure you don’t record any copyrighted material because people have got in trouble already.

If we just talk about five ways you can use Periscope in business, obviously, the first thing that comes to mind – and it’s probably the best one – is doing live Webinars or Q&As. We’re actually going to start utilizing this in Small Business Performance Coaching. We think it’s an awesome platform to get out there and, like I said, have that really easy two-way interaction with your followers.

Other ideas? You can do live competitions and giveaways. I’ve actually seen heaps of these happen, just looking at random broadcasts in the world map by people doing them all the time. You can give behind-the-scenes/exclusive content, product demos, support, feature launches, that sort of stuff, and, obviously, just telling life stories to engage your audience.

Five ways we can use this in a gym environment:

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind would be posting your daily workouts. This way, guys, you can really broaden your reach to, obviously, people who aren’t part of your gym. You can create that following by sharing what your gym is doing on a day-to-day basis. You can, then, obviously, touch on daily meal prep, different recipes, tips, whatever you want, really.

A nice one for your members is a shoutout, give them their five minutes of fame on Periscope and then push it out to your social media platforms. Everybody loves their five minutes of fame. That’s just a really cute way to highlight people who are doing well.

Broadcast some of your work – like your sessions and your boot camps and stuff – for the people who weren’t there. You could even, I don’t know, call them out and be like, “Well, these people are missing. This is what you’re missing,” and then that person will want to definitely keep going.

Number five is – like we’ve touched on already – online seminars or Q&as that you might be doing. That way, you can increase your audience just outside of your gym, again.

Guys, remember, most people are avid learners if the content is interesting to them. Use this to your advantage by becoming your audience’s go-to reference for a particular topic.

That’s wraps up the quick overview of Periscope. Go download it. You can use it on iPhone or on Android. Have a go, play around with it, go stalk some people. It’s so much fun. Let us know if you do any Periscope. We’ll get in on the broadcast and get interactive with you.

Have fun with it and, as always, if you have any questions or you just want to let us know, please just comment below, Periscope us, whatever you like, and we’ll chat with you soon. Thanks, guys.

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