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Main Points To Transform Objections Into Opportunities

(Objections are all the reasons your potential clients have to NOT hire you)

Prevent Objections Before They Happen

  • Align Your Business With The Ultimate Result Your Potential Client Wants
  • Irresistible Consultation Offer
  • Let Clients Experience Your Mastery In How You Conduct The Consultation
  • Setup Your Business to Be Enrolling
  • Follow the Enrolment Consultation Formula

Understand Why Your Potential Clients Might Say NO

The top 4 main reasons why your potential clients will say NO to becoming your client during a consultation:

  1. They don’t yet know, like or trust you.
  2. They don’t believe your service will actually be able to help them. They don’t trust your service or your offer.
  1. They are not committed enough to getting what they want. They don’t yet feel compelled to go for it.
  1. They don’t believe in themselves enough. They don’t believe they’ve got what it takes or their organisation has what it takes.

Your job during a consultation is to inspire your potential clients enough that they begin to believe in themselves just a little bit more. The more you acknowledge them. The more you believe in them. The more you genuinely care that they will get to resolve their issue that they came to you for, the less resistance they will have in hiring you.

And the beauty of this is that when you follow these suggestions, you are being of the highest service to your potential clients that way, anyway.

Your Mindset When It Comes To Transforming Objections

  • Welcome all objections: You are the one eliciting objections from your potential client. You are demonstrating leadership and authentic communications.
  • Practice passionate detachment: You do not need this one client you’re speaking to right now. You do not need this one sale. Your business is not built or destroyed with you getting this one client. You do not need it.

What To Say When The Objections Come Up

  • When objections are voiced by your potential clients, they are not telling you ‘no’. Often these objections are your opportunity to support your potential clients in overcoming their fears and resistance to leaving their comfort zone and committing to going for what they want.
  • 2 key points to transforming objectives;
    • Use Questions To Explore Their Concerns From A Place of Curiosity
    • Do Not Buy Into Your Potential Client’s Story

Top Objections and How To Handle Them

I don’t think I can afford it.

How to respond:

“Could I ask you a question about that?” They say yes. “If it weren’t for the money, would this be something you’d want to do?”

“Could I ask you a question about that? If it weren’t for the money, would this be something you’d want to do?” So, what if they say no? If they say no to this question, then chances are you aren’t – you haven’t discovered the true objection.

“I Have To Talk To Someone First. / “I Have To Check My Bank Account.

This basically means that they can’t make the decision right now because they can’t make up their mind on their own or they don’t have all the information they need in order to say YES right now.

Respond: Schedule with a follow-up call –remember the longer you allow them to think about it, the more likely that the inspiration of the consultation is going to fade. So schedule the follow-up call for as soon as you can so that the decision is being made while your potential client is still inspired by the consultation.

“It’s Not The Right Time” Or “I’m Not Ready To Do This.
If your potential client is genuinely interested in working with you, but they say “It’s not the right time” or “I’m not ready to do this,” the simple question to ask here is “Why?” If you ask these questions from a genuine and caring and curious place, you will often help your potential clients see on their own that this objection is just a story or an excuse they’ve created to not get into action.

“I Need To Think About It.

What this simply means is that the potential client is not ready to make a decision. Also, this generally means that you haven’t uncovered their true objection or they simply haven’t verbalised it yet to you.

Some People Are Just Not A Good Fit

Some people are just not a good fit for your services. Don’t push or manipulate people into services that aren’t in their best interest.

Irresistible Consultation Offer

Step 1 of the Process: Creating a Compelling Title for your Consultation

The title of your consultation needs to convey the ultimate result your clients want and are willing to pay for.
The more precise the title of your consultation to what you ultimately help deliver to your clients, the more of your IDEAL clients will be attracted into your consultations.

Step 2: Provide Attractive Benefits That Your Prospect Will Receive

The benefits of the consultation are not the same benefits that your clients get from working with you. These are the benefits of the consultation itself and they generally match what your potential clients will get as a result of you following the Enrolment Consultation Formula.

Increasing Your Consultation Attendance

Follow Up With A Clear And Professional Email

Follow up with a clear and professional email to confirm the

appointment. And there are 3 major intentions of this email:

  1. To send an energetic message that you mean business and that you are committed to holding the consultation – subtle but powerful.
  1. To cement your credibility (be sure to include elements that establish your credibility)
  2. To continue establishing the connection that you had your potential client sign up for the consultation in the first place from.

Don’t Send The Email The Day Of Or The Day Before The Appointment (giving people an easy way to back out of the consultation by just replying I can’t make it).

Pathway To Consultations

  • Speaking In Front Of A Live Audience: It’s the most effective way to get consultations because a high percentage of people will usually sign up when you are speaking to a group of people.
  • Networking Event: At a networking event, where you both have calendars, you can schedule the appointment immediately face to face.
  • Website And Email And Newsletter: The faster and easier you make it for your potential clients to sign up for a consultation, the more consultations you’ll have that will result in awesome new clients

Amplify Your Intention And Your Efforts To Attract The Kind Of People You Want To Work With


Set Your Prices At The Level You Feel Good About Charging:

  • when you don’t have a lot of clients and you don’t have a lot of experience with helping clients get results, charging a lot is not the way to go!
  • You want to create incentives for people and not discounts. You don’t want to cheapen your brand by discounting your services. You want to give people incentives, based on their actions, for them letting you know right away that they will work with you.

When 8 out of 10 Potential Clients Are Starting To Say Yes, Raise Your Prices Set your Prices Based On The Value You And Not Based On The Amount Of Time:You don’t want to fall into the trap of trading time for dollars. Your business is about value exchange. You bring value and you are being compensated for the value you bring and not the time you put into it. Pricing IS Much More About The Value You Know You Have For Simply Being.

So that is the end to our key takeouts from the Master of Enrolment, hope you learnt something and can action these into the day to day of your business. 

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